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Get the perfect combination of comfort and performance with a pair of durable boxing gloves that provide ample wrist support and hand protection to meet all your workout needs.


Do your workouts in their entirety with these ultra-durable but surprisingly lightweight boxing gloves. Designed to be functional and comfortable, they will be your new and reliable training companions during intense hitting exercises.


Zero impacts and zero displacements. MmA's best junior helmet for all contact sports, designed for a perfect fit and superior shock protection.


Get power with these reinforced gloves for bodybuilding and weightlifting, designed for the most grueling gym sessions.


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DRX watertight mouthpiece for child/Junior under 12 years old. High quality and resistance material.


RDX cotton knee pads. Maximum comfort and quick and easy adjustment.

13,62€ 15,62€

Exclusive design on the middle of the thigh and side cut to ensure freedom of movement. While maintaining flexibility, strength and durability is achieved with material quality and T3 reinforced sewing. The special RDX waist with drawstring closure is used within the design for an optimal and adaptable fit.

27,21€ 31,40€

The latest RDX shorts are specifically designed to maximize your performance and allow for greater leg flexibility. The anatomical cut on each side of the pants allows for greater range of motion and elasticity for high kicks, quick stretches and other activities with the help of the flexible double layer panel.

33,00€ 37,19€
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